“A medical protessional is to exercise reasonable skill and care when
treating a patient and in not doing so, the professional will be liable for the
consequences. Compliance with this standard of treatment does not imply
that the patient must be cured, but that the highest measure of
professional skill must be exercised.

Medical negligence refers to any medical mistake made by a doctor,
nurse, hospital or other medical professionals that leads to personal injury or wrongful death

Medical Negligence can occur in the following instances:

  • A medical practitioner knowingly performing surgery or embarking
    on treatment without the necessary Knowledge or experience
  • Incorrect diagnosis or misdiagnosis of a condition leading to
    prejudice to the patient.
  • A delay in diagnosis or treatment leading to prejudice to the patient.
  • Failure by the medical practitioner to provide sutticient warning of
    the risks associated with a medical procedure or treatment
  • Failing to inform the patient of alternative treatments or procedures.
  • Failure by the medical practitioner to perform the procedure in a
    Clinically Sound manner.

Examples of Medical Negligence are.

  • Bedsores
  • Birth injury claims, when the baby sustains brain damage due to the
  • lack of oxygen or other mediIcal mistakes
  • When the wrong arm/ leg is amputated
  • When needles or other operation tools are lert lnside the body during an operation


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