A person’s right to freedom and human dignity is protected by the
Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. Our Courts should protect
these rights in the most effective way possible and should safeguard the
public from any excessive use of power and deprivation of freedom by

Government Institutions and Authorities.

Although each case will be judged on its own facts, your arrest might be
unlawful if the following circumstances occurred:

  • If the purpose of the arrest, namely to bring the person before court is negated.
  • If there exists any other less harmful means to bring the accused
    person before court like for example, to give the accused a written
    warning to appear in court.
  • If a person was arrested without a warrant of arrest in certain circumstances.
  • If an arrest could have been avoided by first properly investigating the matter

Louis Botha is the head of this department and he is assisted by a formidable team of qualified professional assistants, paralegals and investigators.


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